How to Put Things in Order in Your Closet: 10 Tips for Everyone

If your shirts or dresses are crammed into the far corners, the shoes are piled in a heap, and the sweaters are packed on the shelves so that they are not visible, you can simply forget that you have something to wear. It's just unthinkable to keep in mind what clothes or shoes you have in your wardrobe if they are hidden from your eyes. If you don’t want to spend a fortune doing shopping for Josef Seibel shoes, which you already have in your wardrobe, you need to put all the things in order just to make your life easier and free your head of unnecessary worries. This does not require large financial and time costs.


If your sweaters are stacked in several rows, you can simply forget that you have a comfortable warm knitted sweater and rush to the store to buy the new one.

If you have a little space in your wardrobe, you can wrap your sweater around the hanger. This way the sweater will not stretch out on the shoulders and will not lose its shape.

If sweaters, jumpers, shirts are stacked in neat piles in several rows, each time you pull one out, you make a mess in the closet. Hang the removable shelves, and the problem will be solved.


Now it’s time to put jeans, skirts and trousers in order.

If you cannot hang each item on your hanger, use a cascade hanger. Every item of clothes will be visible, and they will not take up much space.

Perpendicular shelves on the back of the wardrobe will also help you make all your clothes visible and save space.


Belts, belts, belts ... And also scarves, gloves, hats. Arrange these little things that play an important role in how you look in order.

A good solution would be to buy rings for the curtain in the shower, they are very cheap, and hang scarves, beautifully twisting them, on one hanger. You can hang belts on rings as well. You can use curtain rings with clips for hanging scarves, belts and hats.


If you store your shoes in the bottom drawer of the wardrobe or on the bottom shelf, there will be a real mess. The solution depends on what kind of storage space for shoes you have.

If you do not have the opportunity to arrange a large shelf for your shoes, where each pair of shoes is arranged according to shoe styles, then you need to make boxes for shoes. If you want to save money, do not look for containers in the store. Take the usual cardboard boxes and wrap them with a pretty fabric. Glue on the box a photo of the shoes that will be stored in it, and you do not need to open all the boxes to find the shoes you need. The only thing that needs to be done afterwards is to put the shoes in place.

If your wardrobe has a place for a bookcase, this is an excellent option. Use it as a shoe rack. Shoes, boots, flip-flops, sneakers and sandals will stand there, like in a show-window in a good boutique, and not hide under long dresses and skirts.

If you have a large dressing room, you can keep the shoes on the floor, make a bar on the wall on which the shoes will hang on their heels.

Take advantage of these tips and your clothes and shoes will always be in order.